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What does Cataract Surgery involve?

The treatment the cataract is surgical removal of the clouded lens. The eye, however, cannot focus without a lens, so vision will be indistinct unless some device is employed to take the place of the missing lens. Since about 1980, we have achieved this by inserting a plastic lens into the eye (intraocular lens).
The cataract [...]

When do you need Cataract Surgery?

The decision to have cataract surgery is reached by you and your doctor together. It is based on your personal needs and on your doctor’s recommendation about the best time for surgery.
Your doctor can describe the progress of the cataracts, but only you can say how much the loss of vision actually bothers you.
Your decision [...]

What are Cataracts? How do their symptoms affect your vision?

What are Cataracts?
A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear human lens. The lens sits behind the Iris (coloured part of the eye)
As we grow older, the lens dulls and increases its cloudiness and may develop various imperfections in it over may years, which limit our sight. This is called “cataract”.
To understand how this [...]

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